Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 3: Lifetime Achievement

I’m on a quest to read all Spider-Man stories, one collection at a time. Today, I read Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 3: Lifetime Achievement. This arc continues Nick Spencer’s run in Amazing Spider-Man.

Reading Order:
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2018) #11-15

Plot: In the first arc, Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson are lured into an elaborate trap where they get to face off against villains from their shared past. They discover that the man behind this scheme is Frederick Foswell, Jr., who seeks revenge for his father’s death. The second arc sees Spider-Man trying to save Aunt May and others after a restaurant collapses, while battling Taskmaster and Black Ant. Elsewhere, Kraven the Hunter is getting ready to carry out his grand plan.

Review: 15 issues in, I am getting used to Nick Spencer’s writing style. The first arc is interesting because the villain’s target is not Spider-Man, but J. Jonah Jameson himself! This leads to a funny yet dramatic story where Spider-Man and JJJ grow closer while fighting for their lives. The star of the second story arc is Aunt May, and we get to see her leadership qualities and her bravery. The second storyline was drawn by Chris Bachalo, and while I enjoy his action sequences, I am not a fan of how he draws characters (making them look like teenagers). There is also some internal inconsistency in the writing regarding Peter’s age, but that’s a story for another time.

Rating: 4 (out of 5). This arc is uneventful but enjoyable.

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