Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 7: 2099

I’m on a quest to read all Spider-Man stories, one collection at a time. Today, I red Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 7: 2099. This arc continues Nick Spencer’s run in Amazing Spider-Man.

Reading Order:
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2018) #32-36

Plot: Peter Parker and his sister Teresa are tailing the Chameleon as he facilitates an arms deal. As a criminal superspy who likes to play from all sides, Chameleon is also helping facilitate a war between two countries: Latveria and Symkaria. While all this is going on, Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099) arrives in the present, searching for Peter but suffering from memory loss, to the point where he cannot remember what his mission was. On the side, Peter befriends some students in college, and one of them develops a way to predict the future through a machine (called the Clairvoyant) that can tap into the multiverse.

Review: In just five issues, the author brings us time travel, espionage, international conflict, robots, and a peek into Peter’s college life. However, I left this story with more questions than when I entered. There seems to be a lot happening and I am not sure how it’s all connected. I came into it with high expectations of a Peter Parker/Miguel O’Hara team-up, but none of that happened. I know that there is a companion volume to this story called Amazing Spider-Man: 2099 Companion. I was hoping not to have to read it since it was not authored by Nick Spencer, but I feel that in order to understand this story better, I should grab a copy.

Rating: 2.5 (out of 5). This story seems to be a tie-in to a larger event, and unlike the Absolute Carnage tie-in, this story does not stand well on its own.

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