Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 8: Threats and Menaces

I’m on a quest to read all Spider-Man stories, one collection at a time. Today, I read Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer vol. 8: Threats and Menaces. This arc continues Nick Spencer’s run in Amazing Spider-Man.

Reading Order:
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2018) #37-43

Plot: J. Jonah Jameson joins media company “Threats & Menaces” as a podcast host. His first guest: Spider-Man himself! As expected, their interview is cut short when supervillain Chance attacks the studio, forcing Spider-Man to fight off a number of villains while an angry Jameson gets a front-row seat to the action. Some time later, Spider-Man and Boomerang team up to find the missing pieces of the Lifeline Tablet. In the process, they have to fight off Kingpin’s men and the monster Gog. Elsewhere, Kindred resurrects Sin-Eater, who begins to stalk criminals to punish them for their sins.

Review: I am torn between disliking this story because there’s too much going on, or disliking it because nothing really happens. The idea behind Threats and Menaces is interesting. Seeing J. Jonah Jameson host a podcast after decades of resisting change was uncharacteristic but very funny. Other than that, the other six subplots make this story hard to follow. As far as development for this story, the most interesting thing is the resurrection of the Sin-Eater by Kindred, which slowly adds to the story of his plan unfolding. The subplot of the Lifeline Tablet seems unnecessary as it was not resolved in these issues.

Rating: 3 (out of 5). This uneventful arc tries to develop multiple storylines at the same time with no resolution in sight.

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