Free Resources to Improve your Portuguese


Today, I want to talk about some of the free resources that I use to practice Portuguese. These resources are freely available to the general public and they have provided me with much needed help when I was starting to learn the language. I wrote a post some time ago on this same topic, but in Portuguese. In the future, I’ll try writing a Spanish version as well.

The first resource is Duolingo. If you are currently learning a foreign language, then you might have heard of this free website and phone app. Duolingo provides verbal and written practice in the form of short problems. Each lesson is divided by topic or by grammatical component. Your progress is monitored, and you are also given the option
of working on your weakest areas, based on your progress.


The second resource is Easy Brazilian Portuguese, a video series presented by the Easy Languages YouTube channel. In this series of videos, a host walks around the streets of Brazil asking topic-specific questions to the locals. Each video includes subtitles in Portuguese and in English and provide a good feel of local pronunciation and slang.


The third and final free resource I want to talk about today is the Tá Falado Podcast. This series was made by a professor at the University of Texas and features dialogue and discussion between native Portuguese and Spanish speakers. The podcast’s main language is English but we get to hear dialogue in Portuguese and Spanish. This podcast is aimed at people who already know Spanish and are learning Portuguese, so you’ll hear a lot of Spanish comparisons in it. However, regardless of whether you know Spanish, you can still learn a lot from this podcast. In total, there are 24 pronunciation episodes and 20 grammar episodes. Their website also includes PDF transcripts of each podcast.


Well, that covers the content for today’s post. There are many other resources that I’ve used to learn Portuguese, however, not all of them are free. In a future post I’ll talk more in depth about my Portuguese practice routine. You can also watch a video version of this post:


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