Free Resources to Improve your Portuguese

Today, I want to talk about some of the free resources that I use to practice Portuguese. These resources are freely available to the general public and they have provided me with much needed help when I was starting to learn the language. I wrote a post some time ago on this same topic, but in Portuguese. In the future, I’ll try writing a Spanish version as well.

The first resource is Duolingo. If you are currently learning a foreign language, then you might have heard of this free website and phone app. Duolingo provides verbal and written practice in the form of short problems. Each lesson is divided by topic or by grammatical component. Your progress is monitored, and you are also given the option
of working on your weakest areas, based on your progress. Read more

Handspeak: An online ASL resource

Back in August I started learning American Sign Language in order to have more fluent conversations with one of my co-workers. Having someone to talk with five days a week really helps out when learning a new language, and in the same way, having a native signer to practice with helps with learning ASL. At the moment I know basic words and phrases, I can joke around a bit, and I’m fast enough with finger-spelling that spelling a new word does not interrupt the flow of the conversation (thought it may slow it down a bit).

In my day during my free time, whenever there’s something I would like to talk about to my co-worker, I first check out, an online ASL dictionary with resources for people who want to learn ASL. Read more

Chinese Skill- First Impression Review

pandaDuring my quest to learn a new language, I came across Duolingo. The nifty app+website does a great job of introducing learners t o a new language through practice and repetition. Though it is clear that Duo is not a comprehensive single source for learning a language, the amount of material it provides, as well as the quick and easy-to-browse interface make it a powerful tool in one’s language practice arsenal. That being said, I was a bit disappointed that there was no Chinese course yet, since I wanted to have a nice phone app that would allow me to practice my Chinese on-the-go. EDIT: Since first writing this post in my previous blog, Duolingo has come out with a Chinese course, which I haven’t tried yet. Read more

Finding a Daily Devotional Program

As I begin my journey into achieving new goals, one of them is to separate some time during the day for devotional. I would normally listen to an audio devotional on my way to work, to save time, however, I want to commit to actually spending time studying the Scriptures, without any distractions. Normally, what would happen was that as I listened to the audio devotional I would also think about the work I had to do for that day, and on some occasions, the audio devotional would just turn into background noise for me. Therefore, today I will start separating some time for my devotional, hopefully devoid of any other distractions. Read more